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about me:


As the daughter of a lawyer and a photographer, I have always sought motive and beauty in everything I do. I love to create in any medium provided to me, and aim to find a meaningful connection to my identity or values in everything I work on. 

I grew up in San Diego, CA in a Chinese-American household with my little sister and baby brother. My mother homeschooled me through my primary education, allowing museums, theaters, aquariums, parks, and my own backyard to compose my classroom. 

My first introduction to traditional schooling was freshman year at the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts as a musical theatre major, where I fostered my passion for performing and honed my skills performing in several productions per year. 

After graduating from SDSCPA with honors and distinction, I discovered the Women's and Gender Studies department at Wellesley College, along with an incredible community of driven, compassionate students of marginalized genders. 

last updated March 2019.

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